Marie Shiraishi Topless Naughty Japanese Boudoir Goodness for a Mammarial Monday

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bill-swift - June 17, 2014

Well, hello there Marie Shiraishi. May I show you around the place? Yes, I can wait until you're satiated and dressed. I can wait a thousand years as necessary.

Every time we dip back into our treasure trove of finds from our Asian explorations, I feel both a twinge of melancholy and a slap full of tingles. You can't do better than twinge and tingles, which I assure you will both be felt as you review the visual wonderments and sensual antics of Maria Shiraishi in this glamorous boudoir photoshoot. To use the word alluring is an understatement with this provocative ginger haired naughty minx. I think I need a glass of water, or maybe a bucket. Marie, you are quite the eyeful of enjoy.