Mariia Leonardo Naked Outdoors

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michael-garcia - September 8, 2016

Mariia Leonardo bared it all in this super sexy nude photoshoot for P Magazine in the great outdoors. Mariia is presented here the way God and nature intended: with little to no clothes. Mariia has a delightfully sweet pair of pixie perkies that just lead me to smile. They are the kind of upturned delicious treats that make you believe in miracles again. I just want to nuzzle those sweet chichis all night long. But lets not forget about Mariia's incredible booty. She's got the kind of butt that should be dipped in bronze and put in a museum as a prime example of what a rump should look like. Simply amazing. 

P Magazine knows what's up. They dispense with the fashion stuff for the most part and get to what people are interested in seeing: naked ladies in the wild. 


Photo Credit: P Magazine