Marisa Papen Goes Fully Nude For Vegas

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aldo-vallon - January 13, 2018

 Which hotel in Vegas do I need to make a reservation at in order to get Marissa Papen as my pillow mint? Is she the sort of thing that comes as stock in the room, or do I need to make a special request. I have never made a special request at a hotel before, but I am tempted. I see so many internet posts of the weird things people get them to do that it has piqued my interest. 

I am always nervous about troubling the people that are serving me by asking for something extra, though. I never ask for changes to a dish at a restaurant because I am worried that will cause them to spit in it. For that same reason I am worried about what the hotel staff might do to my room, like add a lot more semen to it.

I am always prepared for a little bit of semen in a hotel room, that is a fact of life that needs to be made peace with, I just don't want it to be fresh. I know that is an odd standard, but I think it is a necessity. If a lady gets pregnant that night, I want to be damn sure that it is mine!   



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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