Marisa Papen Nude in a High Rise

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aldo-vallon - October 11, 2017

 Is it genetics that gives a belly button its shape? I mean, I know that ones bodyweight is going to have a huge effect on it, but what else causes two bellies of similar sizes to have such drastically different sizes? Take my stomach for example, it is relatively flat and yet it has a belly button that is almost perfectly round. And now take a look at Marissa Papen's. That thing looks like she has been blessed with a second vagina. Like a jeep that has a spare tire mounted to the back, only her's is a little less conspicuous. I imagine it would get annoying have a visible vagina everywhere I went, as if it was located on your neck. Maybe then I would have to get a scarf for it to cover it up just like those jeep drivers do. Only I doubt having a big smiley face covering my spare would come off as classy as it does on theirs.  

I wonder if men and women just have different belly button types, because come to think of it, the only thin ones I have found are on the bodies of women. Meanwhile men have a hole big enough to stuff a baby kangaroo in.     

Photo Credit: Jen Sen