Marisa Papen Topless Bare Booty with Tan Lines In P Magazine

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bill-swift - November 4, 2015

Belgian model turned international hottie superstar Marisa Papen is basically all I think about these days. Okay, to be honest, maybe Marisa and like 1,000 other ridiculously good looking women. But that's my cap. And Marisa, I promise you, you are right near the top of my list. No, I can't take you to meet my parents just yet. I have to make sure we're fully compatible. You know, Tab A fitting into Slot B and all that engineering checklists to perform.

Marisa combines both one smoking hot nude body and tan lines which drive me personally crazy, not speaking or the dermatologists out there, but cray-crazy. Along with a killer smile, one sweet natural rack, and a willingness to share a peek behind the scenes of her boudoir. If she opened up on me with a French-Belgian accent, I would turn to putty. Actually, putty is my natural static state, so probably more like slurry. Oh, let me drip upon your goodness, Marisa. I don't care how disturbing that sounds. Well, I kind of do in case my unwanted bastard children read this. We can make more! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine