Marisa Papen Topless on the Rooftops

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

You know by now my extreme affections in the groinal regions for the Belgium hot model Marisa Papen. This must be the fifth or sixth time now we've visually toured her absolutely perfect body and fine funbags. Almost always shot outdoors, where man and beast and the beast within men can rage fully free whilst perusing up and down, front and back on this ridiculously hot all natural model.

In her latest work for Andrei Runcanu, Marisa appears upon the rooftops of the Old Country baring her sweet teats so that even the birds might catch a stunning glimpse of this alluring woman's full-fledged allure. I've been on the rooftops of numerous cities around this world and I don't ever recall finding such a sight. Mostly bums or do poo. This is so much better. Marisa, my building has a roof and the super owes me a favor ever I ran those skateboarders off with my battle axe. Let's get you up there and see if the American sun doesn't shine just the same brilliance upon your body. I'll stand off to the side and clap like an anxious trained seal. It's my thing. Sympathy sex is totally fine by me. In fact, it's my normal. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Andrei Runcanu