Marisa Tomei’s Wild Nude Scenes and More!

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Tex Hollywood - May 29, 2020

I was just doing a bit of background on Marisa Tomei, not because I needed a refresher in who Marisa Tomei is, I remember her just fine, from My Cousin Vinny to The Wrestler, to a bunch of things in between. The now 55 year old has DONE some things.

I was more into seeing where she came from, how she got her start, because I like context when I am looking at video clips of her hot topless sex scenes in movies. What I found was that her dad was a lawyer, her mom a teacher, she was raised in Brooklyn and in 1987, she was on A Different World, the Cosby Spin off that didn't involve drugging women for sex, at least not the Cosby way, maybe more in a college way, since it was about Lisa Bonet in college, at least for the first season, then all subsequent seasons were about Sinbad.

I was barely a fetus in 1987, so I don't remember her on the show, but that's been a damn long career, reduced to the only scenes that matter! The boobs. That's just how life works out I guess.



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