Marta S Topless and Rolling Around in Bed, So Simple, So Sweet, So Must See

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bill-swift - February 12, 2015

I just love when an Eastern European model gets all kinds of topless and just crazy funbag hot in Western European magazines. Mostly because those are the ones I subscribe to. Take for instance, Marta S. Oh, that you could take her. The models using just their initials as last names are doing you a favor by not having to spell something that I couldn't spell with years of practice. What they don't ever shorten is their hot girl next door looks. Wow I say to this P magazine fashion slash style slash eye popping boobtatic pictorial of the naturally sextastic model.

In a more perfect world, all attractive young women would pose for such picture sets just as a basic resume builder. It can't hurt your modeling portfolio, or say you wanted a job in marketing, who's going to not want to hire. That might be wrong, but it's oh, so very true. Marta, you have made my day. And all you had to do was not get dressed and lay on your bed. It's so easy to make millions of gentleman oglers happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sara Sani For P Magazine