Martha Hunt Topless In Arty Pics By Adam Franzino

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bill-swift - April 9, 2014

Former Victoria's Secret model and current sexy beast Martha Hunt showed her funbags in some arty black and white photos taken by Adam Franzino. He's one of those big time fashion photographers that likes to show the female form in the stark truth of black and white or something. That's the magic trick of black and white photography. They are the same chesticles that you'd think were hot in color but it just feels more like art if you shoot in black and white. Your girl can't get mad at you for looking at these pictures because it's like culture and stuff and not just a naked chick. Smooth move, Franzino. Martha has a leather jacket in the shoot that isn't doing a very good job of keeping her covered up. It basically a prop. She might as well be holding an oven mitt or a rubber chicken for all the good it's doing her.

One thing is for sure. She looks like she's cold.