Maryanna See Through Body Suit Beauty

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aldo-vallon - January 1, 2018

 Whoever started the see-through clothing market was a freaking genius. For years now I have been trying to come up with some scam to milk the average consumer for everything that they are worth, but I have been coming up dry. After investigating this see-through con I can now see that I will only be competing for second place. 

Selling people clothing that is see-through is like selling people bottled air. The most basic purpose of clothing, the only reason Adam and Eve created it to begin with, is to cover up our unmentionable areas. Wearing something that makes them visible totally negates that purpose.

I should probably just start selling clear sunglasses to people. If I throw a brand name on them I can probably get three figures a pair and have people swarming my mall kiosk. I admit the thought of people fighting over my merchandise on Black Friday has long been a dream of mine. It comes in second place to my long held fantasy of having them fight over me. But with age comes wisdom, and I now know to take whatever I can get.  


Maryanna photographed by Adam Faber for Yume

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