Maura Tierney Finally Topless in The Affair, Season 3

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bill-swift - January 11, 2017

Maura Tierney has had a long and illustrious career. Now at fifty-one its time to start getting topless on premium cable. I mean, could you please? Our request has been answered in the third season of The Affair where ever so briefly, but ever entirely wonderfully Maura bares her funbags in a making of the sexy scene that only a veteran thespianic could imbue with such passion. Those grunts may be coming from me actually.

Premium cable continues to be ground zero for topless sextastic celebrities in mainstream media. Since it's been neutered everywhere else. That most definitely includes a number of veteran hotties still willing to bare their sweet mams for the right part. Or any part. It's not easy getting work past forty in this town. Having a killer rack at fifty certainly doesn't hurt. Though I am feeling some mild discomfort after staring her the past several minutes. Job well done, Maura. So much better than NewsRadio. Enjoy.

Photo credit: The Affair/Showtime