May Andersen Topless For the Bunny, Now Where Have I Heard That Name Before?

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bill-swift - May 24, 2012

May Andersen hmmm. Yes, I know she used to model for Victoria's Secret and was in the S.I. Swimsuit editions, and I know this Danish hottie now spins in the world of art, working for New York galleries, but where have I... oh yeah, that's right...


You don't really want to miss those, if you get the private time chance for close review. Apparently, along with some Anger Management issues that have led her to court ordered counseling in the past, May really delights in the making of the sexy time naughty time fun time. Which, for the record, not only are we not judging harshly, but we are admiring immensely. If we were hot girls, we'd be doing all sorts of hot-buttered-toffee things to ourselves 24 x 7.

And, to further our honorable feelings toward the Danske delight, we were happy to share these photos of May Andersen as the covergirl of this month's Playboy magazine. Such a hot blonde with a body that deserves not just naughty play, but some kind of statue in a Copenhagen town square somewhere. More more May! We love it all. Enjoy.