Melina DiMarco Topless Hotness

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michael-garcia - August 30, 2016

Sexy professional hot person Melina DiMarco goes around topless in her house. Never has watering a plant been so sexy. Melina begins in a shirt that shows off her sideboob, but I guess she got hot doing housework and decided to shed the top all together. Makes sense. Who doesn't like to clean the house and tend to the plants in their underwear? Melina has some very nice melons. You just want to bury your face in them and motorboat them all night long. They are pretty much the perfect size. They aren't so big that they are going to give you carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist from handling them but they aren't so small that they disappear when the girl lays on her back. They are just right and oh so satisfying.

I wish I had someone who would come over to my house and water my plants in their underwear. Only if they look like Melina, of course. 


Photo Credit: Atisha Paulson