Melissa Debling Spring Striptease

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bill-swift - March 29, 2016

Spring has sprung. And so will other things as you lay witness to the holy hotness that is Melissa Debling stripping among the Spring blooms to celebrate the coming of the warmer weather and the season of great fertility. I'm certainly feeling fertile, feasting peeps upon Melissa's absolutely stellar curvaceous female form all kinds of wriggling and baring of her sweet seasonal melons. Ripe in all four seasons really.

Melissa Debling in just a little colorful thong ought to be illegal, or mandatory, depending on your view of the world. I can tell you which I would favor as your future world king. Let's just say the government would be spending tax dollars primarily on the purchase of thongs and body oil. No hot woman should ever be without, not under my benevolent rule. Melissa, you have once more reminded us of the masterpieces Mother Nature creates with her hard work and the Horny Machine 2000 she keeps in the laboratory. Keep making them, we'll keep leering at them. A bodacious slice of heaven on earth you are, Mel. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Melissa Debling