Melissa Debling Topless Bubbly Happy in Knickers

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bill-swift - March 28, 2017

Into Melissa Debling's arms I fall nightly. She may not even realize it. About 3:42 AM in my REM sleep dreams as I hug two pillows harder than a man should hold a foreign object. Dreaming blissfully about the warm and supple confines of Melissa's funbag Shangri-La. 

The lust inducing Brit bombshell knows but one thing: how to bring smiles to gentleman oglers the world over. It takes no more than stripping out of her little tops and down to her latest pair of cotton knickers, holding her own fun sized mams in her hands of free forming with a dangle. It matters not. Those mams are marvelous in any position from any angle. Melissa, you're an angel here on earth. Which I do believe by the bylaws means motor boating is entirely on the table. I've done my reading. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Official Melissa Debling