Mellisa Clarke Killer Smile Killer Topless

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bill-swift - March 17, 2017

Mellisa Clarke is one of those au natural kind of petite topped beauties of the British variety that consistently makes me feel like smiling right back at her. There's an art more than a science to looking like you're really having a swell time showing off your sweltering body and blessed teats in various stages of photo set undress. Every time looks like the first time, which is not nearly as easy as it may appear in terms of skills.

Mellisa manages to make each look and exhibition bit of visual wonderment as organically alluring as the last. Her modest funbags more than enough goodness to go around the whole wide ogling world. Mellisa's been at this for some time now, but her youthful allure lingers on, as does her slender passion inducing body. She's as perfect as they come if this is your type. All types are my types, but I'm putting Mellisa on my short list. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Page 3 Magazine