Mellisa Clarke Topless Hottie

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michael-garcia - October 27, 2016

Unbelievably gorgeous Mellisa Clarke got topless and then some in this eye-popping spread for May Contain Girl. At first she is wearing a tiny bikini, which under normal circumstances would be enough to make us happy. But then she slips a nip out and the party really gets started. She's got those long pretty pink nips that you just want to gnaw on for an hour or two. Her ta-tas are lovely. I'd like to take them out for a steak dinner and drinks. I'd drop some cash on Melissa. Then she takes off her bottom and except for a strategically placed hand, we could see all of her goodies.

I'm usually not into girls with short hair but I have to say that it works on Melissa. That bob is sort of doing it for me. She looks like some flapper chick your great-grandpa probably banged in 1920. 


Photo Credit: May Contain Girl