Micaela Schaefer Nipple Tattoos

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bill-swift - March 23, 2016

Let me be the first to say, I've called Micaela Schaefer many names through the years, almost entirely complimentary, but now I kind of have to add-on 'crazy'. Micaela has been touring about Germany modeling a lingerie line by sheer force of her statuesque curvaceous striking looks, and decided to take a little stop to be tattooed on camera. The spot she chose was beyond unexpected. Her nipples. She seems to have had hearts inked on her areola. I'm no woman, but I've got some of those and that seems, well, crazy painful.

I have to admire Micaela for the lengths she'll commit to for a good show. I suppose hearts around her nipples isn't so bad. My cousin Dimples got a two headed snake on his back that looks like a bifurcated penis. It's certainly a trademark. Just the needle and the... never mind. I'll wait until they heal then ask for my heart shaped suckers. I'm a practical man. Your body, your choice. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash