Micaela Schäfer Topless Exhibitionism

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bill-swift - May 27, 2016

Micaela Schaefer may just be the least inhibited of the lovely lasses we cover on this site. She certainly seems to be topless or naked most every time we check in on here whereabouts and latest work. Not that she couldn't model winter coats and trendy burqas, but that would surely be a mistake for the statuesque brunette with a penchant for grabbing her own giant tubes and squeezing them for the benefit of the general public ogling gentleman.

Featured in Black Label Magazine, Micaela goes both blonde and black upstairs to show off her midsection and sweet lady funbags. She may not be as naturally composed as many of the new age models we follow around like desperate puppies, but her confidence and wiling to be constantly unclothed makes her the kind of girl who gets on my VIP party invite list. Nancy from the library is cute, but Micaela is certain to liven up any evening event with her choice of wardrobe, or lack thereof. Whatever you're doing Micaela, keep doing it. It takes all kinds of naked women to make this Egotastic world go round. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Black Label Magazine/Dennis Wisnia