Michelle Williams Reamed From Behind One Last Time In ‘Girls’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 9, 2017

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Say what you will about the show Girls on HBO, and I've said most of it, the Dunham-led show has brazenly put the bare naked and simulated making of the sexy bodies of all of its cast members routinely on display. Mostly to show how horrible men are, but that's a matter for another day. Not for today when Allison Williams is homaging her own from-behind sex scene of earlier seasons in this, the final season of the show.

In that muff diving scene of yore, Allison claims she was embarrassed that her father Brian Williams might see it. Not that a dad would. This is a bit more tame, your standard shot from the back in quickie format. Allison plays it perfectly, or would be perfect if her top were off as well. Damn you feminist leaning shows. You're always looking to take half the fun out of things. Allison, let's help you move on to bigger and even more nude things after Girls is over. Enjoy.

Photo credit: HBO