Miki Hamano Nude by the Pool

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aldo-vallon - September 24, 2017

 If Miki Hamano is trying to scissor that tree I do not think she is doing it right. I am know expert in the art form by any means, but I know where the target is. I have never shot a bow and arrow either, but I know that if I ever see one in the door of a Honda Civic I will know that something went seriously amiss. I can only imagine how rough that bark would be on her lady bits. When I was a kid my overly feminine hands would get torn up climbing trees. It was a good thing there was sap there to close up the cuts like super glue. I do not think Miki will be wanting any sap to get on her body, that could make for a very sticky situation that I am unsure of how to remedy. When I used to glue my fingers together as a kid my mother would have to use nail polish remover to separate them again. Maybe a similar solvent would work on a tree sapped cooter as well.

Photo Credit: Stefan Rappo