Miley Cyrus Topless Covered In Glitter and Licking the Floor

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bill-swift - February 10, 2016

It's not exactly clear why Miley Cyrus is topless and covered in glitter and licking the floor but it's the kind of thing that when Miley does, you just assume it's serving some kind of larger purpose. Most notably, to grow the legend that is Miley in the field of showoff, attention seeker, and bar raiser in terms of pop star bodily antics to get yourself famous.

Oh, sure, you could lambaste the petite little singer and actress and a bunch of other things she's not all together great at, but you'd be missing the point. In the few years since Miley has come of age and thrown of the Disney TV shackles, she's built an empire of fans and cash on being raunchy, naked, and deviant. And in turn, she's forced an entire industry to adopt to her more prurient ways. She's not the first shock star on the market, but she's one of the most notable ever and that's caused a chain reaction of skin and body naughty shows from all the women on down the sextastic chain. So, thank her for that. Or just let her clean your floors. You have to admit, she has her own style. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Todd Pendu