Miley Cyrus Topless For Plastik Magazine

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bill-swift - June 8, 2016

When Miley Cyrus went topless for photos in Plastik magazine last year we'd thought maybe we'd seen the end of her bare boobtastic for a little while. But lo and behold an additional set of photos from that topless showdown piece for Miley and her petite bosom came along and revealed to us anon the basic allure of the pop diva with the most brazen attitude toward exhibitionism to come along in just about forever. It'd be hard to find her equal.

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Miley's not just raised the bar on baring boobtastic for others in her industry, she's shattered it. And not long after she turned eighteen. Really even before then when she was producing photos in the public eye that were literally unpublishable. Miley, we raise our glasses though not our eyeglasses in toast to your wicked wild and all around brazen use of sexuality to sell shizz. It's the better part of the transaction. The one we get to leer at. Let's get some brand new ones up if we can please. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Plastik Magazine