Mischa Barton Upskirt Picture Buys Her Two Week Pass

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bill-swift - May 27, 2010

Has the world been too hard on Mischa Barton of late? Nah. She's really let herself go. I say this as one who once had a love affair with the former hottie O.C. star, albeit, the lusting was quite unrequited. This Mischa Barton upskirt picture reminds us of two things: first, okay, she's not the sexy young lady she once was, and, second, she seems to have pilfered panties from my grandma's drawer. Still, her cameltoe is slightly more appealing than granny's. So, Mischa Barton, Egotastic! grants you a two week pass from all criticisms or critiques, of, you know, your flabby, shoddy, decaying self. Enjoy.