Misha Naked Hot and Bare Bottomed

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bill-swift - April 12, 2016

Sometimes, I just have to share. Okay, all the time I just have to share. Many men covet the ladies and want them all to themselves. While that's certainly true of me as well in a practical sense, in a digital Egotastic sense, I so love to share the finest looking celebrities and models in the world working their fine female forms into pools of visual wonderment. Such is the case with Russian model Misha who is featured in Areola magazine. Yes, that is just about the best ever for a periodical.

Shot by Anvar Norov, we once again are treated to the especially alluring impact of one fine woman and one man with a camera who knows not to let much else get in the way of overwhelming sextastic by way of naked Russian models. Misha will invade your heart, fill your soul, and cause you some embarrassment if you happen to be ogling her while volunteering to read to schoolchildren at the local library. This leering business isn't without its perils. Misha, I admire the way you express yourself most nakedly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Anvar Norov/Areola Magazine