Model Stephanie Marie’s Incredible Hotel Room Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - November 9, 2017

 Wouldn't it be nice if Hotels would leave complimentary Stephanie Maries on your pillow instead of mints? In my humble opinion that would be the true sign of an upscale hotel. It would be pretty difficult for any other hotel chains to compete with that level of service. That just might be the jumpstart the hotel business needs to compete with Airbnb. Who would book a room with anyone else if they knew that she was an option? If you were about to say families then you are probably right, but how many people travel with their families anyway? No one can afford that anymore. It would only be a waste of time and money to take kids somewhere they will not have any recollection of in the future. I say, fill up the kiddie pool and book a babysitter. The kids will be just as happy. Then fly yourself somewhere cool, or even just take a drive to your nearest city and find yourself a hotel that has a Stephanie in stock. That will be where true vacation memories are made.

Photo Credit: Photographer Daniele Atzori for B-Authentique