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bill-swift - June 3, 2016

Anthea Page is the Aussie model every photographer and magazine featuring the fine female form is trying to get before them to reveal her stellar heavenly hot and wondrous topless body. I don't blame any of them. I wish she'd come to my next birthday party and let me jump out of the cake. Only don't ditch me while I'm in the cake like the last models I hired. I think I might have it backwards.

Anthea has even more blessedly hot rigid nipple visual wonderments on C Heads magazine, a periodical exploring just how much sweet sextastic hotties a man can take before he needs to sink his bobos into a vat of liquid nitrogen. I'd recommend you bite down on something firmly before attempting that. Anthea, you are just stunning. I'm in a state of stun. Please, don't ever put a shirt on. The collective millions would cry and may never recover. Think about what you owe this world based on your gifts and give that back to the world. I just made that up. Conveniently, it only applies to ridiculously hot women who get naked. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: C Heads Magazine