Mufin’s Artistic Nude Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - December 24, 2020

Her name is Mufin, I am not sure if it is her real name, or one she named herself because she's a sweet and nutritious treat, you know not too sweet, but the socially acceptable baked good for breakfast that you'd have to be a demented weirdo to not love.

She seems to be an international model who obviously walks the line of "sex worker". I mean one of her instagram accounts is committed to her FEET , so you know she's making money off dudes who are excited by her and good for her, get it where you can.

This shoot is a little high concept being out of focus, blurry, and what looks like it could be super imposed, but I find it something interesting to look at, so I'm glad that we've found this delicious muffin this Christmas.

You can follow her main account on INSTAGRAM here.


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