Natalia Gomez Topless Pole Dancing Diva

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bill-swift - May 4, 2016

In more sexually mature nations like Colombia, they actually celebrate their pole dancers. I mean, we celebrate them here too in the U.S., but mostly in darkened strip clubs throwing bills and trying not to be seen by your minister, who just so happens to be three booths over receiving a lap dance.

Natalia Gomez is considered the phenom of the pole down Sudamericana way. I've not seen enough of her competition in-country to disagree. I am examining her hot bodily assets uncovered as they are and certainly see a ton of raw ability for the sport. Also just lots of raw in general. If you find a girl who can work a pole like that, you kind of have to ask them to marry you on the spot. Personality must be secondary. Look at that lucky pole. Put a ring on it. Her, not the pole. Quite the acrobatic feat. Enjoy.

Photo credit: SoHo Magazine