Natalie Laing’s Beautiful Bare Buns, Bush, and Boobs From “Summer Of Love”

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aldo-vallon - February 3, 2019

It is a shame that summer gets all of the attention when it comes to lovin’. The other three seasons aren’t left with anything that is even half as good as that. Personally, I blame Grease. That movie set the tone with all its sexy singing about summer and lovin’ and sand.

Summer has enough going on that people would still enjoy, why did it have to take the lovin’ as well? If anything, winter should have been known as the season to mate like rabbits. Those of us with actual seasons are cooped up indoors anyway. What else is there to do but hump each other raw?

During summer there is plenty to be done outside, we shouldn’t be spending it all on our mattresses, like Natalie Laing did. We should be frolicking on beaches, and hiking, and eating brunch “al fresco” because I am told that is what adults are supposed to do. But what is there to do during the winter? Do you expect me to be one of the people that goes cross country skiing, or even regular skiing? Not a chance. I’d rather stick to riding down a lady’s mounds.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin