New Orleans Native Madam Jennette Big Curvy Topless

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bill-swift - December 2, 2015

Madam Jennette seems like a rather mature name for such a young blonde hottie bombshell, but what's in a name really? Well, if thy name is topless hottie, I suppose there is something there, as in in the case of this Madam who is quite topless and flashing bazoongas of an extraordinary suit. New Orleans flair you might say. I'll just say Big Easy funbags.

P magazine continues its magnificent run of up and coming naturally naughty models who aren't afraid to show off their faptastic delights. Why would you have a body temple of gold and close it off to the public, let alone the gentleman oglers? That would be selfish. Madam Jennette is anything but. She's robust and making my knees knock like I'm a nervous schoolboy all over again. Some things never change. Jennette, I hope you'll consider my invitation to my Christmas Party this year. It's you and me and the tree and the tree won't talk. Just saying. We can try some new stuff. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine