Nicola Has A Great Ass, And She Knows It

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brian-mcgee - November 27, 2017

Always know your best angles, that's what any good model will tell you, and the gorgeous Nicola here definitely knows which angles are her best... any that accentuate her incredible ass! I don't know if Nicola is considered a PAWG or not, but I'm inclined to put her in that category, which is a compliment in my book.

Watching Nicola work a doorway is something undeniably sexy that I never thought of as sexy before. Arching her back, accentuating her ass and perking up her tits, Nicola definitely wows with her feminine wiles in this photo shoot. I wonder if it was her place or the photographer's, but even if it is the latter, she works the room like she's been there for years.

I look forward to seeing Nicola again in the future, and even though you could say her best is behind her, that wouldn't be an insult. It's a compliment to her bountiful backside that keeps me and many others coming back for more. She might have magnets in that ass of hers because I feel my belt buckle starting to wiggle.

Photo Credit: Photographer Julien LRVR For B-Authentique

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