Nicola Paul Topless For Page 3

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michael-garcia - August 19, 2016

Nicola Paul is one of those hot models that likes to take her top off. Today she's doing it for Page 3 and boy is it something. She starts out in some sexy black lingerie, which in and of itself would have been amazing. But then she takes all of that off too and things get really interesting. Nicola has some serious ta-tas. She has the kind of large mammaries that most women can only dream about. I know I like to dream about them too. Whenever she comes across our desks here at Egotastic HQ we all gather around and ponder what magnificent specimens of the boobalicious arts they are. Others may come close, but few achieve the level of Nicola. 

You have to love Page 3. They do my favorite pictorials of hot women with their jugs are. They've filled the gaping hole that Playboy left when they stopped doing nudies. 


Photo Credit: Page 3