Nora in Mesh!

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Tex Hollywood - July 29, 2020

To be fair, this should have been called NORA in a G-String because she's in a G-String more than she's in the mesh, but I figure a G-String is so standard and that we should focus on what makes this shoot unique and I've decided that is mesh.

It seems that this model Nora is from Australia or at least lives in Australia, but could be originally Russian, which would make sense since Russian and really all Eastern European women are KILLING it on instagram with these kinds of shoots and I am not just saying that. They put in effort, deliver great product, have fun with it because they are probably monetizing and most importantly are Insanely Hot!

I have never been to Russia or anywhere in Eastern Europe, but I feel like it may be the oasis of hotness, but that could always just be social media manipulating my thoughts again, only this time it is in a good way.


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