Oh Sweet Jebus. Demi Moore Goes Nude For Harper’s And Looks 35 At Most

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earl-jonas - September 13, 2019


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Baring all for the October issue of @harpersbazaarus 💗 Photos by @marianovivanco.

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Demi Moore has been one of the hottest starlets in the biz for decades, and at fifty-six-years-old, you'd think that by now she'd show humanoid signs of aging. And at one point she did. But for her breathtaking new Harper's Bazaar cover, Moore appears completely nude and completely looking like she's thirty-five. Tops. Obviously her actual nips and ass are covered, which is why we've got you covered with her on-screen nudity in the gallery. Natch.



What's convenient for Demi is that she appears on an issue of Harper's full of tailored advice - as teased on the cover. "Game-changing love advice?" Gonna wanna bookmark that page. "Take years off your neck?" It already looks good, but why not go for a tween neck. Hell let's go full infant neck so her head hangs down like a droopy flower. What I'm trying to get at is that none of you are reading this anyway because Demi's amazing tits are staring you in the face in the gallery, so I'm just writing dumb nonsense to take up space. Enjoy...

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