Olga Alberti Topless Perfection

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brian-mcgee - May 26, 2017

Perfection is virtually impossible to come by in this day and age for many reasons, not least of which is that people can't seem to agree on anything anymore. However, in these turbulent times, I recommend that we all unite behind an undeniable truth. That truth? That Olga Alberti is as close to perfection as a woman can get!

I think a huge part of the reason that these pictures are so stunning is that they're shot against the backdrop of an empty room. When you're dealing with perfection like Olga Alberti's amazing nude body, it's best not to clutter the frame with expensive works of art or sculptures or even furniture. Let those big beautiful breasts of hers speak for themselves. It's like people who over season a steak or a nice cut of salmon. You're not adding anything to the equation, and if I'm being honest, you're likely just detracting from the perfection on display.

Part of me does want to take Olga furniture shopping, though. I do worry that she's just hanging out in an empty apartment all day and that can't be much fun. It's fun to look at, but where is she gonna get down to fuckin? Enjoy!