Olivia North Topless Sweetness

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bill-swift - November 7, 2016

There are those days when you simply have to see a sweet model topless swimming and hanging out by the pool. I call those days every single day of my life until there are no more. Days that is. Not hot topless models. They shall be a fixture forevermore I'm quite certain.

Seeing Olivia North straight out of Oakland baring her absolutely stellar female form in various states of undress reminds of all that is good and decent and tingle inducing in this world. Also, my summers as a failed life guard. I mean, I literally failed. Though the sights were often spectacular. I like to think the drowning victims can see the cosmic justice in all of this. Such as I see the intense allure of one fine young woman in a wet t-shirt pulled up over her faptastic funbags. There is no such thing as perfection in nature. Only those wonderments that are crazy super close and make you lose your breath. Olivia North. Jobs well done. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: James Minics