Page 3 Topless Round Up!

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michael-garcia - September 29, 2016

It's time again for the Page 3 roundup of the hottest topless honeys from the last week or so. The good folks at Page 3 provided us with a bevy of beauties. They've really outdone themselves. We start out with blond bombshell Danielle Sellers who is looking busty as hell wearing just a pair of panties and some stockings. You tease, Danielle. Then we have Kelly Hall being all pouty and sexy on a bed, her jubblies out for our inspection. She passes muster and then some. After that there is Melissa Clarke with her adorable bob hair cut and set of perky perks that drive my blood pressure through the roof. I need to take another pill for that, thanks Melissa. Nicola Paul was also on hand to peek at us longingly from behind a curtain. Don't worry Nicola, we won't hurt you. Redhead Rosie Danvers, a personal favorite, and her ginormous ta-tas cannot be contained by an arm bra. But lets not forget Sabine Jemeljanova whose name is almost as large as her melons. Almost. Finally we have Courtnie Quinlan who has the most delicious looking hooters I've seen in a while and I look at chichis for a living. 

As far as I'm concerned the photographers at Page 3 should all win Pulitzer prizes for the service they do to humanity with these pics. 


Photo Credit: Page 3