Pamela Anderson Nude In ‘The People Garden’

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michael-garcia - September 14, 2016

Hall of fame hottie Pamela Anderson gets completely buck naked in The People Garden. If you are a child of the 90's like me you grew up watching Pam run down the beach in the iconic Baywatch red swimsuit. Later, we saw a video of her and then husband Tommy Lee getting intimate on a boat. That's one of the last times we saw her this naked but one thing is for sure: she still looks great. Those mammoth jugs that made her famous have stayed up in defiance of gravity and age. And her booty is still as tight as a drumhead. It's not easy for a woman in her forties to keep it this tight, folks. But she certainly does it.

I am definitely seeing this movie. It's a thriller about a woman who goes looking for her husband and gets lost in a mysterious forest. Plus, Pam naked. What more do you need?


Photo Credit: 'The People Garden' Movie