People Are Divided Over Lizzo’s Ass Cheek Twerking At Lakers Game

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earl-jonas - December 9, 2019


When the Dove women pioneered the body positivity movement all those years ago, no one could have anticipated that their hard work would cumulate in Lizzo shaking her butt cheeks in a tiny thong at a Lakers game. But here we are. The pop superstar isn't afraid to share her amazing assets with the world on social media, but she took things to a new level when she twerked with her cheeks out IRL in a stadium full of people. Some people feel that Lizzo went too far:



But I don't think she went far enough. Those Dove women didn't give their lives for Lizzo to only sort of go nude at a Lakers game, and to commemorate all those brave fallen soldiers we've lost, I hope next time she goes naked and even fingers herself.