Phoebe Price Showing Off All The Goods Again

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aldo-vallon - August 21, 2018

How is it possible that a woman who spends as much time outside as Phoebe Price can still manage to remain so pale? I am pretty pale myself—and I understand that women in glass houses should not throw stones—but I am a writer, which means I am practically required to be pale.

I think if I get a shade darker than I currently am then some goon pays me a visit and smashes my computer. But I can guarantee that if I was a model then I would have the most beautifully tanned olive skin anyone has ever seen. Or, given my previous track record, a reddish hue that makes people repeatedly tell me I need to get out of the sun.

And that is why Phoebe’s condition perplexes me so much. She is like a porcelain statue covered in the most effective sunscreen that money can buy. I am tempted to contact her myself to find out what she uses. Us daywalkers need to stick together, after all. If I had that level of protection then I would be right behind her on my boogie board. Making sure to always be behind her.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA