Pia Muehlenbeck Nipple Slip

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bill-swift - December 6, 2016

Pia Muehlenbeck wanted to be a lawyer. She started out as an attorney when somebody mentioned to her, hey, you're super hot, you should blog and show of your body and get a million followers and start selling women's clothing lines and athletic wear. So she did just that. And it worked out like that. And now Pia Muehlenbeck is one visible hottie down Australia way making a big name for herself in the world of digital commercial sextastic domination.

More importantly to our cause, Pia Muehlenbeck wore a blouse unbuttoned and no bra to the grand promo event for Hailey Baldwin's new cosmetics line in Sydney. That meant that any semi-ambitious cameramen shooting from her profile view could see right into her top and witness her heavenly funbags and luscious nipples free and clear of stupid undergarments. It's quite a sight. I almost feel like I've done this before in person. Nah. Not possible. I'm such a good boy. Except on days ending in a "y". So hot. Welcome to Egotastic, Pia. Please, hang out a while. We hate bras too. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News