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aldo-vallon - February 8, 2018

 How is it that parasols are not a more popular fashion accessory? They do happen to be one of the most useful of all available items. Let's face it, the way most scarves are worn they are not going to be doing shit to keep you warm. And most belts don't do anything to keep your pants in place. Half of the women that I see wearing them are using them corsets around their bellies. 

There was a time when women wouldn't leave the house without having a parasol over their head, and that was when most of their body was covered by clothing so it didn't even need any more protection from the sun. But then women started showing more skin and became acceptable to have a tan so all the parasols were thrown in the trash. 

I would have thought that with the increase in global warming more people would need a parasol. And with everything we know about skin cancer, walking around without proper protection is like smoking cigarettes. A couple decades from now our kids are probably going to see sunbathing as worse than bloodletting. 




Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

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