Playmate Kyra Milan’s Pert Little Curves In This Amazing Nude Display

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aldo-vallon - September 30, 2018

Apparently Milan is not only a city in Italy. It is also the surname of a beautiful model with a talent for pottery. Kyra gets a lot of respect from me that. I can neither model nor make pottery. My face lacks the bone structure and my fingers lack the dexterity. The latter reason is also to blame for my unwillingness to hold babies. Apparently my hands only have two settings: relaxed and vice grips. Those are two extremes that will only lead to tragedy with a fidgeting baby.

Being that I will never be a potter, I am left assuming that real potters are constantly fighting the urge of making phallic objects. The pull has got to be strong, at least in the beginning. Maybe after the tenth dildo it starts to lose its appeal. Most things tend to be that way, that’s why we so many different flavors of Oreos. Sure, the original is always going to be a crowd pleaser, but after a while the cooks in research and development must wonder what else can be achieved. The next thing you know we have pickle flavored cookies and a lot of regrets.