Playmate Liz Stewart Loves To Put On A Show

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aldo-vallon - March 11, 2018

How fierce is the rivalry between the Chippendale’s dancers and the Playmates? It feels like there should almost be a gang war over who has the right to wear the collar and shirt cuffs uniform. It is not like either of the groups would be mistaken for the other, but I think it would be a point of pride for me.

If I was a Chippendale’s dancer I feel like I would have done more to earn the right to wear that uniform. I would have to workout constantly, which I do not think Liz has to do, judging by her muscular definition. I would also have to shave my body daily to a point where I would have less hair that what Liz is sporting here. No one wants a lap dance from a guy whose bush is popping out of his speedo.

And I would also have to deal with hundreds of crazy women everyday treating me like a piece of meat. I know Liz probably gets treated like a piece of meat as well, but that is mostly by frail seventy-year-old men pinching her ass. Not thirty-year-old women trying to treat her dong like a grip strengthener.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus