Pornstar Elsa Jean Debuts At Playboy Plus, And Just, Wow

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earl-jonas - April 16, 2019

Elsa Jean is no stranger to doing hardcore porn, but she's just now making her debut over at Playboy Plus. And can we just say, wow. As a doppelganger for the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen, Elsa's spread couldn't be better timed. Although if I'm being honest, I'd rather watch Elsa's gorgeous face, smooth buns, perky natural breasts, and shaved beav in action than a bunch of assholes having fake sex in castles or whatever happens on GOT any day. Elsa got candid with the peeps at Playboy Plus, saying of her shoot:

To me, [Playboy is] the highest you can go as a nude model, so I feel absolutely amazing! I love being nude. I would be nude all day everywhere if it weren’t illegal.

What a coincidence. We love when you're nude as well. MFEO. She adds:

What do I love most about my body? I love small tits. I love that they are sensitive and that I never have to wear a bra!

With this kind of attitude, who isn't simpatico with Elsa Jean?

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