Purple Hair And A Perfect Pair

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aldo-vallon - December 5, 2017

 It is women like this that make me feel as though the word perfect is not enough. It leaves me feeling guilty for having so haphazardly used the word in the past. Those eggs were not perfect, Past Me, and you were a fool for having thought so!

I think this woman has designed herself to be the ideal woman for any man. She probably grew up being really into Batman and has made up her mind to become the living female version of Two-Face. I am all for that, by the way, because I do not think our previous cinematic portrayals ever reached their full potential.

Anyone who likes tattoos can focus on this beauties right side, while everyone who prefers the clean look can focus on her left. If a person has trouble blocking out the undesirable side they could drape a blanket over it, or maybe put her in half a Snuggie. There are always ways around obstacles for those who are determined. The paper bag approach to butter faces is proof enough of that.    

Photo Credit: Photographer Bart Peeters for B-Authentique

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