Raducu Daniela in Front of the Mirror

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egoadmin - February 12, 2020

Raducu Daniela is another do-it-yourselfer, that is far more interesting than the do-it-yourselfers you have probably come across in your life. Whether it was that weird aunt who would knit you sweaters every year, or some other crafting, or the neighbor always on a construction project that fails, you bad DIYing in a time before ETSY.

This modern day DIY is about getting naked or partially naked in photoshoots to promote your subscription platform dudes sign up to as charitable hope the girls give them some attention. They feel like they are helping the girls, giving back to the girls, even if the girls are just using you like the sucker you are! They just know if they can get 100 of their fans to pay 10 dollars a month, it's more money than working a Cashier.

I don't hate this DIY model, it is actually pretty brilliant, make that money where you can and I am all for the "marketing" material they put out in the form of HOT CONTENT.