Raffaella Modugno Topless Behind The Scenes

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bill-swift - November 14, 2016

Raffaella Modugno is quickly becoming my favorite thing to come out of Italy since pizza. I do so adore pizza, though I'd give it all up for the rest of my life for five minutes of happy fun time with the female body faptastic of Boot model and all around hottie, Rafaelle Modugno.

Last week we got to see the stunning brunette in some of her finished photos for her topless 2017 wall calendar. Now, naturally, even better shots of the alluring sultry beauty behind the scenes of the same shoot. Every time she grabs her own body I become simultaneously aroused and jealous. Also sweaty. So three things. Wow, that lust inducing body is on fully exposed assets mode. When does that technology come around allowing us to jump into photos? I'm asking for a friend who looks a lot like me, with similar hormonal issues. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 2017 For Men Calendar