Raffaella Modugno Topless Calendar For Men 2017

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bill-swift - November 8, 2016

Here's the thing about the Ms. Curves title in Italy. Well, for one, it sounds much more romantic in Italian. But second, they don't just hand that obelisk or medallion or plastic trophy out to any old lady body. Raffaella Modguno won the award in 2011 and has never looked back. She's covered all the top men's magazines in her native country and about Europe, though sadly less well known in North America. That's about to change. This is a season of doing things that matter. Hence, ogle Raffaella.

The sweet curvaceous wonder from the boot obliged with opportunities galore in her new 2017 topless calendar for the men and Sapphic leaning women of the species. It's quite the thrilling bit of leer worthy content, month by month, or minute by minute if you really wish to commit your eyes to Raffaella in a meaningful way. I wouldn't blame you. I'm not clear how you see this stunning brunette and her stellar funbags on the back of a horse and ever go back to seeing anything else in this world. A disappointment by comparison. Lust Raffaella, and add her to your roster of very very happy thoughts. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: ForMen 2017